The Mental Health Act..... and you!

MHAS, working in partnership across North Wales covers the Gwynedd and Anglesey area offering IMHA to anyone being treated for a mental disorder in a hospital or registered establishment.

IMHA is available to people who are

  • Detained or liable to be detained under the 1983 Mental Health Act?
  • Subject to guardianship under the Act?
  • Community patient subject to Community Treatment Orders?
  • Conditionally discharged?
  • Being considered for Section 57 or 58a treatments but are not otherwise subject to the Act (informal patient)?
  • An inpatient in hospital?
  • Being assessed or receiving treatment for a mental health problem whilst you are in hospital?
  • Detained in hospital under Section 4, 5(2) or 5(4)?

You have a RIGHT to have an IMHA who can help you to

  • Get access to information
  • Find out about your rights
  • Explore options, make informed decisions and support you with your care plan
  • Get support & legal representation
  • Feel valued & fight discrimination

IMHAs may also provide non-instructed advocacy when helping patients who are unable to express their wishes clearly, or at all. When providing non-instructed advocacy, the IMHA will represent the patient’s wishes (as far as they are known) and ensure the patient’s rights are respected.

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